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The Not-So-Nutty Habits of Squirrels

The squirrel family (Sciuridae) is quite extensive, including species such as chipmunks, flying squirrels, and ground squirrels (among them woodchucks and prairie dogs). Squirrels live on almost every continent in the world and come in many sizes and colors. Red and gray squirrels are common in the United States. Some states have black squirrels, and Brevard, North Carolina, is famous

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New Dead Sea Scroll Translation Reveals Anti-Temple Calendar

A group of researchers from Haifa University painstakingly pieced together 60 tiny fragments that made up the last of the Dead Sea Scrolls, discovering that the Essene sect that lived near the Dead Sea during the Second Temple era followed a solar calendar vastly different than the lunar calendar used by the Jews. This deviation indicates a deeper belief that

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‘Biblical Superhero’ is About to Invade the Box Office and Prove How Powerful God Is

As Christian movie house Pure Flix prepares for the Feb. 16 release of “Samson,” a film about the popular biblical figure known for his supernatural strength, CEO Michael Scott is revealing how he believes the film will help teach Christians some valuable life lessons. “So much in our lives today … we’re focused on our things, it may not be

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How the Triune Nature of God Draws Us into Prayer

 I’ve been enjoying Michael Reeves’s book Delighting in the Trinity. The title is an apt description! Reeves shows his readers “how God’s triune being makes all His ways beautiful.” The way he describes God’s love—the kind of love that can only come from a Father, not only for the other Persons of the Trinity but also for us—was actually overwhelming

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Missouri’s Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Tuesday in a case brought by the activist group the Satanic Temple to challenge requirements for women seeking abortions. The Massachusetts-based Satanic Temple filed a lawsuit against the state of Missouri on religious grounds, arguing that a statute for women seeking to terminate their pregnancies promotes the Christian viewpoint that life begins with

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Leading Atheist Scholar Bart Ehrman Affirms The Gospels Present A Divine Jesus

This story isn’t exactly contemporary news given that Ehrman penned his piece nearly four years ago. However, having enjoyed and engaged some of Ehrman’s thoughts presented in his works before, I decided to bring to light the points he makes in this piece. I think a good first step would be to acknowledge Professor Ehrman’s beliefs, especially for readers who are

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