‘Biblical Superhero’ is About to Invade the Box Office and Prove How Powerful God Is

As Christian movie house Pure Flix prepares for the Feb. 16 release of “Samson,” a film about the popular biblical figure known for his supernatural strength, CEO Michael Scott is revealing how he believes the film will help teach Christians some valuable life lessons.

“So much in our lives today … we’re focused on our things, it may not be God’s things. We may be off track in what we’re doing,” he said, noting that Samson’s story of regaining his strength to defeat his enemies offers up some lessons in perseverance. “Ultimately, God came through and [Samson] was able to finish what God had for him and finish strong.”

Scott, who likened Samson to a “biblical superhero” of sorts, said that he believes it’s a good time for an action-themed Christian movie to take center stage, particularly one based on a figure who is so known and loved.

“There’s a great love story in this … but it’s also got the action element,” he said. “It’s just timely for a movie like this with all the other fare that’s coming out in the marketplace.”

Scott also discussed the history behind how Pure Flix came to make popular, feature-length pictures, noting that the company started off in 2005 by producing small films.

Over time, though, the business evolved to yield features such as “God’s Not Dead” and “The Case for Christ.”

The lessons that have been learned along the way have been profound, with Pure Flix becoming so established that the company now makes a global impact through its films, messaging and a streaming platform.

“What I was shocked by … [is] the amount of impact a movie can have … we can really communicate with our culture today,” Scott said. “If you have an incredible story that can be packaged up with the right message … I think it can be a powerful tool used for the Lord.”

And the film company’s audience isn’t solely comprised of Christians, as Scott said that up to one-third of its film viewers are “non-believers.”

“I’m thrilled to be here at Pure Flix … and just watch what God can do,” he said.

By  Senior Editor Faithwire



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