In Gender-Inclusive Guidelines, Catholic College Eliminates Use of ‘Husband’ and ‘Wife’

In its guidelines for the use of gender-inclusive language, the University of Dayton proposes the elimination of the gender-specific terms of “husband” and “wife,” substituting them with “spouse, partner, significant other.”
Despite the fact that the Catholic Church views matrimony as a stable union between a man and a woman, the Catholic college informs its students that “gender neutral language does not assume a gender with the individual who is being discussed” and thus spouse, partner and significant other are preferable to the traditional terms of husband and wife.

The watchful eyes at The College Fix, a conservative, student-staffed campus watchdog site, discovered the curious norms being fed to students and staff reached out to university officials for comment.

“The gender inclusive language is an educational resource — it is neither a guide nor an advisory nor does it represent University of Dayton or Women’s Center policy — and has been posted on the website for at least three years,” read a statement provided to The College Fix. “It is an educational resource geared to assist those who prefer to use gender inclusive language as well as those who wish to avoid assuming the gender of an individual being discussed.”

Along with offending terms such as husband and wife, the university proposes an extended list of expressions that should be replaced by other words that do not convey a determined sex.

Thus, expressions such as “common man,” “best man for the job,” and “gentleman’s agreement” are to be eliminated in favor of more inclusive terms, such as “common person,” “best person for the job,” and “informal agreement.”

Similarly, “mankind,” “man-made,” and “manpower” are more properly expressed by the gender-neutral terms of “humankind, society,” “manufactured, synthetic,” or “workforce, labor,” the university website states.


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Photo credit bridebox

Thomas D Williams PH.D. February 2 2018 Breitbart



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