Bill Nye Says ‘Fertilized Eggs Are Not Humans’ and Biomedical Scientist David Bereit Proves Him Wrong

In a video on Abortion ‘Science Guy’ Bill Nye states “Fertilized Egss Are Not Humans.” With modern science today we now know that the moment the male sperm fertilizes the female egg  there is an actual spark of life that happens.

Watch Bill Nye’s video below:

Pro-Life advocate David Bereit with a degree in biomedical science responds to Bill Nye’s comments on fertilized eggs not being human. David Bereit is an advisor and former board member for Students for Life which is a pro-life organization responded.

“You begin by stating your opinion the fertilized eggs are not human yet,” Bereit said before citing the American College of Pediatricians. “The scientific facts from the American College of Pediatricians state, and I quote, “The predominance of human biological research confirms that human life begins at conception/fertilization.” He continues with “When a human egg is fertilized by a human sperm a new human being is created. That is scientific fact.”

Watch the video with David Bereit’s response:

Bereit ended with the following comment “When it comes to human biology, you’re Bill Nye the opinion guy.”


Hallowell B. 2/9/18. ‘Science Guy’ Bill Nye said ‘Fertilized Eggs Are Not Humans’ – but This Guy With A Biomedical Science Background Just Took Him to Task”

Photo credit: GFarmaNews



  • Sorry but I find this rubbishing of a respected scientist and educator Bill Nye by unsubstantiated assertion very unconvincing. David Bereit may well have a degree in biomedical science but that doesn’t automatically qualify him to assert Bill Nye doesn’t know what he is talking about. Bill Nye is highly respected as an educator and for his many publications and presentations. David Bereit alas is virtually unknown in the academic world. Bereit asserts “the moment the male sperm fertilizes the female egg there is an actual spark of life that happens” First of all the both the sperm and the egg already have some of the characteristics of living cells. Surely the sperm swims – with or without whatever he means by a spark. While it is true after fertilization that the fertilized egg would then contain the instructions for a human life to get underway, given the right circumstances any of the living cells in a human body contain these same instructions. That is why Dolly the sheep could be cloned. A fertilized egg is no more or less a human than a cell in the wart on the end of your nose. It has no nervous system, feels no pain and has considerably less sense than even the President of the United States. (Well let me get back to you on that one!) Killing the fertilized egg does remove that potential to become a human but don’t forget scratching your nose kills many hundreds of cells all with that same instruction set. If you do commit the act of mass murder on all those cells each time you have a scratch please do not expect a sympathy card for each of the cell victims!
    But relax. Even at three days old the human embryo only has about 150 cells, whereas there are more than 100,000 cells in the brain of a fly. The fly would therefore suffer far more than a three day old embryo if it were terminated.

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    • peddiebill Thank you for your comment. Although I might have gone a little lighter on the name calling and unnecessary criticism, the science in this case is on David Bereit’s side. The more important issue for me is around the fact that abortion at any stage of a pregnancy is murder.

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  • The reason why I abandoned my previous evangelical Christian stance and moved into what you would dismiss as a progressive or liberal view is that as an evangelical I had found myself among those who had limited understanding of ethical principles, shaky Bible scholarship and what to me seemed an unthinking judgemental attitude which appeared to be short on empathy and common-sense. Like it or not science has widened our understanding (for those who bother to read with an open mind) and the beggar thy neighbour attitudes of the Conservative right truly worry me.

    Let’s just go back a little. Thou shalt not kill. Yes I accept that if it means avoiding visiting unnecessary suffering on the living. But the conservatives have taken it to mean: forget the suffering, look at the rules. Don’t kill any cells if they might eventually be used to create a functioning human being? Well the science says clapping (eg applauding a State of the Nation address) most certainly kills off some cells which contain the complete genetic information for making a fully functional human being. It is called cloning. Next time don’t clap!!

    We see another dimension of this in attitudes to judicial killing. For example the religious righteous right who are opposed to unnecessary killing of a foetus are happy to condone Donald Trump laying waste to Middle Eastern towns, terming wiping out the few terrorists by smashing houses and hospitals as “unfortunate collateral damage”– then walking away from the mess, including the bombed killed and maimed civilians. They turn a blind eye to Trump’s government actually closing off a good proportion of the funding for the refugee camps and support him passing laws to stop the fleeing refugees from settling in his country. And the fundamentalists applaud him for so doing! I checked up on the UN figures for one month and discovered that the US coalition had actually killed more civilians for that month (last March) than ISIS had in Syria. While as a cash equation I can see the US arms dealers make lots of money not to mention being responsible for what the president calls “jobs, jobs, jobs” please allow me as a liberal to be horrified at what the Saudis are doing with the weapons in Yemen.

    The anti-abortion lobby claim abortion is murder, yet they are very selective in which cells they will mourn. The untold natural abortions (miscarriages) sometimes after only a few days whereby the fertilized cells die by the thousands they ignore, (because no pregnancy test was carried out?) Surely no-one, not even a nutter, would call this Murder by God! Stem cells the ”right” claim to support and as a consequence refuse to allow them to be used to develop vaccines to save the lives of fully functioning humans. Don’t forget the various centres for disease control claim that more than 200 thousand die each year from the Human papillomavirus (HPV) and that this virus now affects something like half the population of the US and is calculated to cause 5000 or so women to die of cervical cancer each year. There is a safe vaccine for HPV. It was tested on 6000 women and was one hundred % effective. And what happened. The evangelicals agitated to get a law passed to prevent the use of the vaccine saying that the cancer risk is a useful impediment to pre-marital sex.

    One of the more self-righteous evangelical members of the CDC’s ( Reginald Finger)even tried to get the HIV vaccine banned apparently wanting to condemn millions (particularly in Africa) to die unnecessarily each year. I think of those babies born with HIV and seriously wonder about what really drives such judgemental zeal.
    Actually the Bible doesn’t condemn abortion. The Jewish custom was to not consider the baby fully alive until it was half way through the birth canal. Certainly I would be very cautious about full term abortion but that is rarely considered and early termination or insisting that a mother can be sacrificed to preserve the possibility of life in the baby is very different to abortion on demand.

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    • peddiebill. Thank you for a well thought out response. It appears that you and I agree on more than you think. I do not dismiss your view as “progressive and liberal” although I will confess that less than five years ago I was a “Foxs News Parrot” which I now see was misguided in many ways. Since you have taken the time to express your thoughts so succinctly, I will do my best to respond to a few of the items, and would welcome an off line conversation if you would like.

      You said that you found yourself “among those who had limited understanding of ethical principles, shaky Bible scholarship and what to me seemed an unthinking judgmental attitude which appeared to be short on empathy and common-sense.” About 2 years ago, I started following a few of the speakers from Ravi Zacharais International Ministries ( ). It opened my eyes to many of the ways that I may have have been perceived just like you perceived those “Evangelicals” you describe. While some of my views changed and many of them didn’t, I do now seek to understand God’s truth, not by what is in the news or popular opinion but what what God has said about a matter and by the scientific or other evidence that exists. More importantly I try to live by the mandate in 1 Peter 3:15 to always be prepared to give an answer for the hope that lies within me, with gentleness and respect. I would sincerely recommend that you look into a few of the Open Forums that RZIM has put on at both Ivy league, and public universities. I think we have the most recent one of the University of Florida posted here.

      We also agree that “science has widened our understanding (for those with an open mind)” Although science doesn’t have much to do with my views on the abortion debate I believe you are defying God’s will in the act of abortion, but from a scientific perspective we know that from the moment of fertilization all of the genetics are in place that will determine, height, sex, hair color, and any other genetic dispositions of a real person, provided no abortion or other tragedy occurs prior to birth.

      With regard to our president I was also a little disconcerted with the enthusiastic responses he received from some proclaimed Christian leaders. Although I am a conservative I am convinced that there is a serious moral breakdown in Washington on both sides of the aisle. Don’t kid yourself that laying waste to towns and neighborhoods in the Middle East is unique to Donald Trump. In the end my concern for our nation has more to do with the consequences of a post truth culture.

      I certainly don’t believe that we should ban an HIV vaccination for the purpose of carrying out our judgement on those who have contracted HIV, but I must also admit, that I have no idea if it is safe. Even if I were a biologist, I just don’t know much about the vaccination.

      On another more personal note, I am in the process of an extensive study of origins from Cosmology to Paleontology. Obviously it is as difficult for me to leave out implicit bias for creation as it is for a new atheist to leave out their bias, but I am being as open as possible.

      Most importantly I would encourage you to remember that it was the religious elite of day who hung Jesus on the Cross. One of my favorite stories from the bible was the story of the women at the well in John 4. Both of these ideas encourage me to remember not to blame God for what humans have done. As hard as I try to address anyone who asks with gentleness and respect, I am not perfect, and neither are you.

      Brent –

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