Under Islamic repression, ‘Christianity has ignited like a flame’

By Bob Unrah


Evidence suggests that might be the case, as the internationally renowned American Center for Law and Justice points out that the Islamic regime now is becoming desperate to extinguish a surging population of Christians inside its borders.

Iran, after all, is a nation that has exported terrorism for decades. It has the free world worried about its nuclear-weapons program. It routinely threatens to destroy Israel. It interferes with Middle East conflicts and engages in cyberwar against the West.

But the American Center for Law and Justice reports Christianity “has ignited like a flame across the country of Iran, making the Iranian government so nervous they’re desperate to extinguish it quickly.”

Iranians are converting to Christianity at a record-setting pace, with an estimated 360,000 to 800,000 Christians in the country.

There were fewer than 500 back in the 1980s.

“It’s difficult to take an accurate census because fears of retribution, arrest, and violence keep many Christian converts from self-identifying. Iranian authorities have been raiding the homes of suspected Christians, confiscating their books, computers, and other media and arresting the men,” ACLJ said.

The government has spent millions of dollars to fight the growing interest in Christianity, the mission group Elam Ministries told Mohabat News, a website that reports on Christians in Iran.

The money has gone toward Islamic propaganda, jailing church members, confiscation of Christian materials and more, the report said.


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