How Science & Math Convinced Attorney That God Must Exist

By James Bishop| Douglas Ell, who grew up in Connecticut, graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with degrees in maths and chemistry. He then went to the University of Maryland where he earned a Master’s degree in theoretical mathematics. With three degrees already behind him he went to law school and graduated magna cum laude. After that, he began his career as an attorney through which he has represented number of nationally recognized corporations, unions and pension plans. He has also litigated nationally with great success and persuaded Congress to make important changes in employee benefits laws.

As a child Ell went to church but when he became a teenager he found himself believing in God less and less until, eventually, he adopted atheism. He says that he was a nerdy child who would write out long numbers for entertainment and read books on intellectual topics, and he loved dinosaurs, history, and anything that had to do with science.


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Reasons For Jesus. February 12, 2018. “How Science & Math Convinced Attorney That God Must Exist.”

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