‘Billy Graham’ First Faith Leader To Be Honored In US Capital

Washington — The body of  Billy Graham lay in honor yesterday at the US Capital. The President, administration officials and many members of Congress and Senate were there to pay tribute to the international evangelist.


Photo credit: AP

“Billy Graham carried his message around the world,”  said The President , adding “But his heart was always in America”.

“Americans came in droves to hear that great young preacher. Fred Trump was a big fan. Fred trump was my father,” The President said, recounting the time he was with his father at Yankee Stadium to see him preach.

“My father said to me, come on son, and by the way, he said come on mom, let’s go see Billy graham at Yankee stadium. It was something very special,” The President said.

House speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also participated in the ceremony.

“Here lies America’s pastor,” Ryan said. “A made great not by who he was but by who he served.”

“We give thanks to God for the life and work of this humble servant – now and forever,” Ryan said.

His casket remained in the buildings Rotunda Wednesday. He is the fourth person to lie in honor there.

Rosa Parks was the most recent. Also two U.S. Capitol Police officers killed in the line of duty, officer Jacob Chestnut and detective John Gibson

A funeral is planned for Friday in North Carolina.




Photo credit: AP

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