Does Truth Matter ?

Does truth matter?  Up until thirty or so years ago we lived in a culture where the majority of our citizens believed in a common set of moral values.  Since that time we have transitioned into a post-truth culture.  Right and wrong have become a matter of personal opinion.  Friedrich Nietzsche, an atheist philosopher who’s was popular for the “God Is Dead” philosophy in the mid to late eighteen hundreds recognized the instability that is caused when a populous suddenly loses it’s moral compass.  In “The Parable of The Madman” after proclaiming “God Is Dead” the madman asked, “Who gave us permission to wipe away the horizon?”.  “What kind of games will we need to invent?”, “Will lanterns not need to be lit in the early morning hours?”  “Is there any more up or down?” “How will we comfort ourselves, the murders of all murders?”  Nietzsche clearly understood the perils society who reasoned away God, and rightly predicted that the twentieth century would be the bloodiest century in history.  Chairman Mao, Joseph Stalin, and Adolph Hitler, all atheists who were more than familiar with Nietzsche’s work took millions of lives in the twentieth century.  I am not blaming atheism for the actions of these men, the way that the new atheists blame Christians for the lives taken by the Roman Crusades, but they both occurred from the same denial of ultimate truth.  It wasn’t the Christian faith that motivated the killings carried out by the Roman Empire but was instead the perversion of a religion and greed of men.  It was in both cases humans who ignored the value of truth, and decided to form their own truth.  We are at another point in history where the world is headed down the same road.   The Roman empire never believed it would fall, and in America we seem to believe the same.  I believe that we have hope in America, if we turn to God and His Truth.  I am not asking that you take the word of a largely uneducated Christian like me, but I am asking you to examine the truth for yourself.  God has not only provided us with the bible but has also provided us the evidence of history.  He has provided us with ministries like Ravi Zacharias International Ministries where you can find answers to both your Intellectual and Spiritual  questions.   If you are a student who has been told in school that Intelligent Design is not a real possibility visit The Discovery Institute.  I challenge you to open the bible, and read the four gospels of the New Testament, and then ask God to reveal Himself to you.

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