YouTube Star Tells Incredible Pro-Life Story: I Sat Weeping In Abortion Clinic For 7 Hours, Then Something Fell Out Of My Pocket

Musician Kimberly Henderson became a YouTube sensation after a video of her singing to her daughter Vaida in the kitchen went viral. Henderson says she would sing to little Vaida often because doctors thought the baby was deaf.

Henderson became pregnant with Vaida in 2013. She says her boyfriend was cheating on her at the time and, full of desperation, sadness, and fear, she made the decision to have an abortion.

But God had other plans.

In a viral Facebook post, Henderson shared what she calls her testimony: her recollection of what happened on the day she went to the abortion clinic to end her unborn daughter’s life.

“Today I was at the abortion clinic. I had my mind made up. My boyfriend was cheating on me. I have small kids, what will people think?? I kept telling myself I’m all alone I need to do this,” starts the post.

The young woman knew deep down that this was not the path she wanted to take and begged God for a sign.


Read the full story

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