‘Oh, I Need Jesus?’: Angry Woman Goes Absolutely Berserk on Calm Pro-Life Protester

It never ceases to amaze watching the levels of emotion people have when defending the intentional ending of an unborn human life.

In a recent video posted by the Facebook page Abolish Human Abortion, a woman can be seen losing all control and physically attacking a pro-life protester who was calmly discussing the abortion issue with some other people on the street.

The others on the pro-choice side of the argument seemed to be discussing relatively peacefully, when suddenly the angry woman attempts to tackle the pro-lifer and take his sign.

“F*** you! Go home! Go home! Go home!” she could be heard yelling frantically, as she unsuccessfully attempted to yank the sign from his grasp. A large man, who appeared to be on the pro-choice side of the debate, had to physically restrain the unhinged woman


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Photo credit: Abolish Human Abortion|Facebook



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