“The Story of Reality” By Greg Koukl

Yesterday I purchased Greg Koukl’s book “The Story of Reality” in audio format.  Within the first hour of the book I heard and internalized a truth that has brought more clarity to my walk with Christ in one day than all my time as a believer.  The foundation of the story of reality is “In the Beginning God Created The Heavens and the Earth”  Greg explained how this this entitles God to be the ruler of His kingdom.  He also talks about a personal God that created a perfect world for us, and even though sin caused the world to groan, he is still a personal God who wants relationship with us.  Over the last several months God has impressed upon my heart, that this life is not about me, and thanks to the “Story of Reality” I can finally understand why it isn’t about me, and I am truly thankful for this life,  I now understand why my service to Christ is  worth everything.

Often times we as humans want to be in control and spend so much time focused on what we want that we completely miss not only what God has done for us through Jesus, but that the only way we can truly be free is to give ourselves over to a loving father.

Greg also talks about how we as loving parents discipline our children, because if they don’t experience the pain of discipline as children they will experience greater pain later, and if the world is ran by undisciplined children then we are in for real trouble.

Greg I just want to thank you for translating this truth in a clear way, with Gentleness and respect.  Here at Watchman News Network we seek to give a reason for the hope that lies within us, with Gentleness and Respect, and books like the “Story Of Reality” do just that for us.

May God continue to bless Stand To Reason and I hope “The Story of Reality”  finds it’s way to millions.

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