Minneapolis — A Minneapolis area bus driver who is also a pastor was taken off his route for leading students in prayer. 54 year old George Nathaniel says his rights to free speech and to practice his religion were violated by the company Quality Care Transportation.

“That’s where the constitution comes in,” Nathaniel said. “You’ve got the freedom to exercise your religious beliefs.”

Nathaniel began working for the company in January 2017 and drove the children to Nasha Shkola, a charter school in Brooklyn. This past winter he started incorporating prayer into his route.

School officials received complaints that Nathaniel was forcing the kids to pray. Nathaniel stated he wants to turn people to Christianity, but never forced the students to pray. He is shocked that parents complained because he had already discussed the issue with them.

“The students would volunteer to lead the prayer,” Nathaniel said.

Nathaniel said children need more prayer in their lives and he’s determined to bring prayer back to public schools. The company stated Nathaniel wasn’t fired but hasn’t received a new route either.




Associated Press. 4/20/2018. “Minnesota School Bus Driver Removed After Leading Prayer.” CBN News.

Photo credit: reddit

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