Taxpayer Funds Being Used To Support LGBTQ Agenda In Boston Public Schools

American taxpayer funds are being used to support the LGBTQ agenda in Boston public schools, and it’s a move that could have nationwide implications.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reportedly awarded $350,000 per year for Boston’s LGBTQ school groups.

The Boston Herald reports the city’s public schools are very LGBTQ-friendly and that’s why the CDC awarded the funding, so their policies can be used as a model for educators nationwide.

For example, Boston Public Schools (BPS) offers a course in “Orientation and Identity” in their Health and Wellness overview for high school students.

While the Boston Herald article  did not cite any opposing viewpoints, CBN News did reach out to BPS to hear their side of the story.


Read the full story




CBN News. “Boston Public Schools Refuse CBN Questions on LGBTQ Funds ‘Because You Are a Christian News Agency’.”





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