“Saving Truth” by Abdu Murray

Watchman News Network was fortunate to receive an advanced copy of  Abdu Murray’s New Book “Saving Truth” , “Finding Meaning and Clarity in a Post-Truth World”.   It is my hope that this book finds it’s way into every thinking Christian’s library.   In our “Culture of Confusion” preference has been elevated to a greater importance than truth.  At Watchman News Network, we spend a lot of time reading commentary and thinking through how to communicate the peril that our Post-Truth culture puts us in.  What Abdu has written in Saving Truth has been revealing to say the least.  After defining the Culture of Confusion he provides the reader with clear and compassionate arguments on freedom, human dignity, sexuality, science, and religion.  He also did not neglect to provide a mirror for the church in Saving Truth.  It was humbling to understand the ways that we as Christians have contributed to our Culture of Confusion.   Chapter 2 on Getting Freedom Right, and the section of Chapter 6 dealing with gender dysphoria were particularly relevant in this regard.  Sometimes we don’t realize it, but when we are dispensing truth, we are looking down to people who are hurt and confused and we add to their pain and confusion.  We are not called to judge the value that God places on another human being, we are called to provide truth and clarity with gentleness and respect.

Saving Truth will become a reference book at Watchman News Network.  It provides a balance in covering most of the relevant areas of apologetics.  It contains enough depth to provide what a Christian needs, to always be ready to give an answer for the hope that lies within them with gentleness and respect.

You can get your copy of “Saving Truth” here.

 P.S. Getting Freedom Right Matters

Ironically when we first received the advanced copy of the “Saving Truth” I was in the process of reading another book, in which the current chapter was set in 1933 Germany. It was the year Hitler was appointed chancellor.  Because I was excited to start reading “Saving Truth”, I set that book aside and began reading.  Not to say our current culture of confusion will lead to a holocaust like event, but when we aren’t armed with and standing on truth, we can be blindsided by seemingly insignificant lies.  In Germany the lies built slowly over time, leading to the “German Christian Church”, which bore no resemblance to Christianity.  Reading and understanding what is communicated in Saving Truth is like a vaccine that will protect us from the disease of this kind of confusion.

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