When should we begin teaching our kids that Christianity is defensible? This question was on my mind as I began putting together another chapel talk for Innova Academy, the classical Christian school my daughters attend. (See “Teaching Worldview to Kids” to read about my last chapel talk.)

How early should we talk about arguments for the existence of God, or the reliability of the Bible, or the problem of evil, or a whole host of other issues? The answer is, as early as possible.

Now, I know what some of you might be thinking, “Get real, Tim. Are you saying we should teach the kalamcosmological argument to kindergarteners or fine-tuning to five-year-olds?”

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. And here’s how.


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Tim Barnett|Stand To Reason



  • This is good, Tim.

    Why bad things happen can be a difficult subject for people but, if broken down into simple terms, it can be explained even to a child because even children are born with a good understanding of good vs. bad.

    IMHO this really only gets tricky when people try to disregard the existence of absolute good and absolute bad and bring relativism into the discussion.


    • Watchman News Network

      Thanks Isaiah 53:3 Project. This article is re posted from Stand To Reason. I agree society today is more of a post truth culture. they don’t believe in absolutes anymore.


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