Earlier in the month, the Crandall, Texas Police Department joined in on the fun that’s been all over social media recently. Police departments from all over the country have been participating in a lip-syncing competition to their favorite songs.

After several requests from their citizens to get involved, that’s exactly what they did. Their choice however was the hit Christian song ‘God’s not Dead’ by Newsboys.

Along with the completed video, the department posted the following note to their Facebook page.

“Due to NUMEROUS requests from our Citizens… Here it is!!! The Crandall Police Department’s Lip Sync Challenge. What an awesome way to create conversations and relationships with the community. Have fun in life, keep safe and be humble… We Challenge Kaufman County Criminal District Attorney Investigators and the Wilbarger County Sheriff’s Office,” the post said.

After posting the video it has gone viral getting 8 million views and over 200,000 shares on Facebook. While most of the reaction was positive, the performance gained the attention of the atheist Freedom from Religion Foundation. FFRF released a statement on the video, claiming that it violates the U.S. Constitution and urging the Texas department to take it down.

“FFRF is asking the Crandall Police Department to refrain from promoting religion on social media and take down its video tribute to the personal religious beliefs of some of its officers,” the statement read.

Giving the video a “thumbs down,” the Wisconsin-based atheist organization wrote “Government employees can worship, pray, or read any religious text they wish when acting in their personal capacities. But they are not permitted to provide prestige to their personal religion through the machinery of a government office. The police department belongs to “We the people,” not the department’s temporary occupants.”

When Crandall Police Chief Dean Winters was asked by a Pure Flix Insider about his response to the FFRF request, he responded with the emoji for a wink and a smile – a colon and a parenthesis.

“Of course there are always detractors,” he told Pure Flix in an email. “But in this case, a little bit of darkness is making His light shine even brighter.”

Winters also talked about the importance of his faith, noting that it “enhances” his ability to perform his law enforcement duties.

“Our community has come together and posted pictures and videos in support of the police department’s ‘God’s Not Dead’ video,” Winters said. “We’ve also received numerous emails and letters from citizens and officers from all over the nation and people from a handful of other countries, expressing their gratitude to the officers in our department.”

“My faith in Jesus gives me the strength to deal with so many different aspects of life,” Winters said. “First and foremost, in my most important role as a husband and father, but also in my role as an officer and chief of police.”

Winters added, “I don’t believe faith interferes with the ability to serve, but instead it enhances it.”






CBN News


Photo credit: Crandall Police Department/Facebook



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