How Can I Change As A Christian?

How does God change us? Is it possible to be sinless? Are true believers guaranteed to be changed? Watch this video from the ‘Is Mormonism Christian’ event in northern Oahu. Pastor Jeff Durbin from Apologia Church and Apologia Radio and TV answers this question during the Q and A session. We are promised new life as Christians. God promises to sanctify His people. Listen-in to a discussion about how that happens.




Jeff Durbin is Pastor/Elder of Apologia Church in Tempe, and has worked for many years as a hospital-chaplain. Jeff is a popular speaker for camps, conferences, churches & schools across the nation. He has participated in outreach to various different religions across the nation and has even engaged in public debate against Atheism. Jeff was featured on a series for the History Channel called, “The Stoned Ages” about the Christian approach to drugs and alcohol. Jeff hosts a weekly radio program heard on KPXQ called “Apologia Radio” and is heard internationally via podcast.

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