The Two Laws of Thermodynamics support creation and contradict evolution.

This Hebrew word translated “created” in Genesis 1:1 denotes the creation out of nothing of the marvelous intricately designed systems of the universe. These complex systems, too numerous to count, from small microscopic organisms to macrocosmic heavenly bodies, are all subject to the same universal law of decay. Where did this decay come from? Again, from a one-time event that must have had its origins outside the universe. It had to come from God.

“In summary, the two laws of thermodynamics indicate the necessity of some power outside present, known processes to have originally brought it all into existence. Something outside and above the vast complex of space, time, energy, material is required to have initiated it; but free from it. That is, the laws of thermodynamics can tell us that an absolute creation is necessary.” (Douglas F. Kelly, Creation and Change. Mentor:Ross-Shire, Great Britain. 1997)

The laws of thermodynamics pose a serious challenge to evolution, which assumes upward movement from simple, inert particles to complex living systems over eons of time. The observed laws demonstrate the following problems for evolution. First, since, as the First Law states, any changes to a closed system must come from the outside, where did the system components (matter) come from? Second, the system is programmed to go to disorder—not to increase in order. Where did decay come from? It is universal and can be seen everywhere.

The problem faced by evolution really lies in how a complex organism could have been built from its rudiment component parts. Inert molecules had to assemble themselves into a simple cell. That cell had to find other cells that combined to produce a living organ in a process that continued until the human being appears. But the assembly of living systems is extremely complicated and could not have happened by chance. Outside intelligence is required. The process required to move from man to molecules, ala evolution, is in complete defiance of the law of decay. This is a severe problem for evolution.

This story originally appeared at Creation Studies Institute

Tom DeRosa is the Director and Founder of Creation Studies Institute, a national creation ministry whose mission is to reach the church community with the truths of Creation, and also founder of The Creation Discovery Museum. He is an author, teacher and a sought after speaker. Tom has been recognized as an award winning science teacher who has taught all grade levels including college. He is certified in many areas of science including Chemistry, Biology and General Science. He is noted for his enthusiasm and his passion for teaching. Tom has a strong academic background in Chemistry and he has taught Chemistry and Physics, for over 30 years, in both public and parochial schools. He also holds a Masters degree in Education from Florida Atlantic University.

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