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Choice42 (Choice for Two) is a Canadian non-profit organization. They are a pro-woman, pro-baby and pro-life. They aim to change public opinion about the humanity and value of babies in the womb, while providing support to women who are faced with unplanned pregnancy. Their website includes Canada’s largest nation-wide database of pregnancy help resources. Choice42 encourages women to be fully educated

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Are You Ready?

Looking at first century Jewish history this is what we know of the major elements of a Jewish marriage at the time of Christ. First the father of the bridegroom makes arrangements for the marriage and pays the brides price which establishes the marriage covenant. Then the son returns to his Father’s house and prepares the bridal chamber. At a

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YouTube Star Tells Incredible Pro-Life Story: I Sat Weeping In Abortion Clinic For 7 Hours, Then Something Fell Out Of My Pocket

Musician Kimberly Henderson became a YouTube sensation after a video of her singing to her daughter Vaida in the kitchen went viral. Henderson says she would sing to little Vaida often because doctors thought the baby was deaf. Henderson became pregnant with Vaida in 2013. She says her boyfriend was cheating on her at the time and, full of desperation,

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