Why You’re Probably Getting a Microchip Implant Someday When Patrick McMullan first heard in early 2017 that thousands of Swedish citizens were unlocking their car doors and turning on coffee machines with a wave of their palm, he wasn’t too impressed. Sure, the technology—a millimeters-long microchip equipped with near-field communication capabilities and lodged just under the skin—had a niche, cutting-edge appeal, but

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Are Your Children Ready to Respond to These Pro-Abortion Arguments?

The Nazis were so very civilized. This may be why their evil is so utterly terrifying. There’s nothing quite as chilling as seeing a seemingly ordinary man working at a desk, devising bureaucratic plans to send millions to their deaths. One feels a unique kind of horror when witnessing a great evil being treated as ordinary—even boring—as everyone nods and smiles in response. Which

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Megachurch Pastor Says the Ten Commandments Don’t Apply to Christians Anymore

Megachurch Pastor Andy Stanley doesn’t believe the Ten Commandments apply to modern-day Christians. The well-known author is urging Christians to stop creating monuments dedicated to the Ten Commandments, as they don’t apply to Christians anymore. Over the past couple of years, Ten Commandment monuments have become the controversial subject of many free speech debates and lawsuits. Here are some recent cases, as reported

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