https://youtu.be/KHYVsdhDxw4 FULL TRANSCRIPT OF SEN. LANKFORD'S REMARKS: If you buy a new GM car, a Nissan, Honda, Kia or Toyota, even a Hyundai. You'll notice they started installing a new feature in their cars. It's a reminder when you turn off your engine to check your back seat. Quite frankly, I rented a car not long … Continue reading EVERY LIFE IS PRECIOUS


I know a lot of people are thinking "what just happened" in this election. I'm seeing a lot of Christians upset over the election process. One thing we have to remember is that "God is in control." No matter what the out come is "God is still in control." We don't put our faith in … Continue reading WHAT JUST HAPPENED?

What does it mean to be truly ‘Born Again’?

The words born-again are very familiar to a believer but for someone on the outside looking in, these words bring a lot of negative connotations or confusion. Non-Believers look at someone being a born-again Christian as a "Jesus Freak" or being in some sort of cult. If we go to the Bible and look what … Continue reading What does it mean to be truly ‘Born Again’?